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1) That is a tiny fridge.
2) That ice cream sounds awesome.
3) Nut butter collection.


You say "nut butter collection" like everyone doesn't have one, Pablo.

Tom Holme

So....did you get a shelter fridge?

Sarah @ Sarah's Modern Bites

There are two things in this world that make me go into a crazy rage: Bad traffic, and refrigerator problems!!! I had my fair share at an apartment I lived at in Boston last year. The thing is that it was a NEW really nice sub zero fridge but I guess I had too much stuff and it was super hot in the summer so the compressor was working overtime? Who knows! All I know is I would keep coming home to an alarm light in the fridge telling me it was at 52 degrees!!! My boyfriend at the time didn't seem to care. There is a reason we are not together anymore haha

That ice cream looks delish. Brings me back to the days of eating Fluffnutter sandwiches at school!

At least you got a fridge that works now girl! maybe you could bake something with that softened butter?


But do you have to defrost it every few months??? That was the joy of my baby fridge/freezer in my LA studio.

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