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you are not alone my friend. you could be describing my life and my voices, my struggle.


This post is AMAZING for so many reasons. I feel like your writing, which is always excellent, gets even better when it's personal. I wish I could write like you. Seriously. Thant Banana bread looks awesome, btw! I'm glad you're back on here!


*That banana...see, I can barely type :-)

Tom H

While I can't stomach bananas--and by default banana bread--I CAN enjoy reading this post and commiserate. I had that mirror moment myself this morning. While food isn't my exact bane, the feeling is trhe same friend


this sounds so good with the pineapple!


I am so with you. I get so angry at myself when I think how often I have gotten healthy, lost weight, only to gain it back. I will be disgusted with myself while I stop yet again to get a bagel with cream cheese...okay, not just the bagel, I get a cookie and sweet tea too! It is just not as simple as stopping, just STOP! It doesn't work for me and I feel like a failure.

BTW, the bread looks awesome. I love the idea of pineapples and coconut on top. Almost sounds like Hummingbird Bread, if there is such a thing. Yay for using coconut oil! This may be banana bread, but it is healthy version. We have started substituting honey for the sugar in ours since Mary eats it too.


Oh Carrie, have you been reading my thoughts again? Yes, been there so many times, and even after a great workout I will do awful things like shower and then see myself and think "Why bother working out? Look at that stomach! You're never going to work it off! You're such a pig." Ugh. AWFUL! They discussed this topic on the radio because some study came out that said most women think bad things about their body 13 times a day. (Inner monologue: "Only 13? What the hell!? That would be awesome!") The only thing that *sort of* helps me is reminding myself that I would never criticize someone ELSE that way. Because those negative thoughts just go make me polish off half a bag of chips, or worse, a batch of cookies! Reallllllll productive. If you find the magic bullet, you be sure to let us know, k?

And yes, all our kitchens look like that while cooking. Worse, really, because I will use every inch of counter plus the table. And the floor gets flour-y.

p.s. I have missed your blog terribly. =(
p.p.s. Thanks for giving actual measurements in the recipe. I know it's hard for you!!!

Sarah @ Sarah's Modern Bites

Hi there! I have been trying to figure out how exactly I want to respond to your post for a few minutes here haha I don't think this is the perfect response or how I really wanted to respond but here goes...
You have a great voice and a lot of serious positive energy. I am SO glad you are back to blogging/sharing again. The work-out session you had combined with posting this tells me you're SERIOUS. The blogging community is super supportive and I think that combined with friends and family will give you that extra edge to beat down those voices so you can focus on YOU. I'm so happy I found your blog! I can totally identify with your words. And dude, I am TOTALLY making that banana bread this weekend! Baking is SO therapeutic!!


Thanks for all of the support, everyone. It really means a lot!

Lesley, I think you hit the nail on the head. Why are we so willing to say things to ourselves we would never even THINK about someone else, let alone say out loud? It's insane.

Whenever we all hear these voices, we just need to tell them to fuck off. Deal?


Nea, you are not a failure, look at all the wonderful things in your life! You bring the people around you so much joy. Thats something those voices can never take away.


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